Commit 138b928b authored by Mark Heppner's avatar Mark Heppner

Fix rownumber, code cleanup

parent 06b384d6
......@@ -22,12 +22,9 @@ __all__ = ['Cursor', 'ColumnDescription']
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# TODO this can probably be replaced
ColumnDescription = collections.namedtuple('ColumnDescription', 'name type_code display_size internal_size precision scale null_ok')
"""Named tuple for representing results from :attr:`Cursor.description`."""
import pdb
class Cursor(object):
"""Database cursor for executing queries and iterating over results.
......@@ -302,13 +299,13 @@ class Cursor(object):
"""Read-only attribute providing access to the :class:`Connection <phoenixdb.connection.Connection>` object this cursor was created from."""
return self._connection
def rowcount(self):
"""Read-only attribute specifying the number of rows affected by
the last executed DML statement or -1 if the number cannot be
determined. Note that this will always be set to -1 for select
# TODO instead of -1, this ends up being set to unsigned max_long
return self._updatecount
......@@ -322,5 +319,5 @@ class Cursor(object):
row indexed by :attr:`rownumber` in that sequence.
if self._frame is not None and self._pos is not None:
return self._frame['offset'] + self._pos
return self._frame.offset + self._pos
return self._pos
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