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cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM users")
print cursor.fetchall()
Phoenix versions
Multiple Phoenix versions are supported, but because there is no way in the protocol
to determine the version at runtime, you need to provide the version of Avatica
used in the Phoenix version that you are using. Below is a table of the correct
versions for the official Phoenix releases.
=============== =============== ================================
Phoenix version Avatica version Connection URL
=============== =============== ================================
4.4 1.2 ``http://localhost:8765/?v=1.2``
4.5 1.3 ``http://localhost:8765/?v=1.3``
4.6 1.3 ``http://localhost:8765/?v=1.3``
4.7 1.6 ``http://localhost:8765/?v=1.6``
=============== =============== ================================
Phoenix 4.7 uses a serialization based on Protocol Buffers (proto3) by default.
This version of Protocol Buffers does not even have a stable release
and is not generally available on Linux distributions.
This library only supports the older JSON serialization. In order for the library
to work with Phoenix 4.7, you need to start the query server like this::
./bin/ start -Dphoenix.queryserver.serialization=JSON
Setting up a development environment
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