Commit f970436e authored by Mark Heppner's avatar Mark Heppner

Allow TypeHelper to raise a NotImplementedError if the Java class isn't supported, fix docs

parent 896384d6
......@@ -160,10 +160,18 @@ JAVA_CLASSES = {
('java.lang.Double', common_pb2.DOUBLE, float, float),
"""Groups of Rep types."""
"""Groups of Java classes."""
JAVA_CLASSES_MAP = dict( (v[0], (k, v[1], v[2], v[3])) for k in JAVA_CLASSES for v in JAVA_CLASSES[k] )
"""Flips the available types to allow for faster lookup by Rep."""
"""Flips the available types to allow for faster lookup by Java class.
This mapping should be structured as:
'java.math.BigDecimal': ('string_value', common_pb2.BIG_DECIMAL, str, Decimal),),
'<java class>': (<field_name>, <Rep enum>, <mutate_to function>, <cast_from function>),
class TypeHelper(object):
......@@ -173,20 +181,18 @@ class TypeHelper(object):
:param klass:
The string of the Java class for the column or parameter.
:returns: tuple ``(field_name, rep, mutate_to, cast_from)``
``field_name`` is the attribute in ``common_pb2.TypedValue``
``rep`` is the common_pb2.Rep enum
``mutate_to`` is the function to cast values into Phoenix values, if any
``cast_from`` is the function to cast from the Phoenix value to the Python value, if any
field_name = None
rep = None
mutate_to = None
cast_from = None
if klass in JAVA_CLASSES_MAP:
field_name, rep, mutate_to, cast_from = JAVA_CLASSES_MAP[klass]
if klass not in JAVA_CLASSES_MAP:
raise NotImplementedError('type {} is not supported'.format(klass))
return field_name, rep, mutate_to, cast_from
return JAVA_CLASSES_MAP[klass]
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